Standard Educational Assessment

This Cognitive and Attainment assessment is ideal for when parents or teachers are concerned that a child is struggling with certain academic areas such as reading or spelling or math’s, despite having had plenty of support at home and in school. Attainment testing and cognitive assessment are used to identify strengths and weaknesses across a learning profile.  Onward referral to SLT or OT services may be recommended following screening for motor skills and language needs.   Results are interpreted to inform diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty such as Dyslexia, or more global concerns such as Intellectual Disability e.g. M/GLD.  

Reports are accepted by DES, NCSE, Tusla etc.

Comprehensive Psychology Assessment

This type of assessment looks at a child’s level of learning ability compared to other children their age and is best suited for when there are concerns about delayed learning or atypical learning. This type of assessment is also ideal when there are concerns about social and emotional development and concentration and attention.  This assessment also screens for ADHD or Autism and onward referral to MDT may be necessary.  Adaptive functioning skills can also be assessed, this is particularly useful when considering school placements or units or transitioning between schools.

Age range: Typically I work with the 6-18 years age group for assessments.

What is included? The assessment fee covers 2-3 meetings – an intake session (usually Zoom), the assessment session (always face to face), and the optional feedback (Zoom) session. Also includes email support during the assessment process and consultation with key stakeholders. Remote meetings are possible for some sessions in the case of scheduling difficulties and public health restrictions.  I welcome joint feedback sessions with young person and parents, for more information please get in touch.

Attainment testing DARE applications: Current literacy and numeracy attainments statement, where there is already a valid cognitive assessment

Why Assess?

  1. To inform transition planning from primary to secondary school, from pre school to primary school etc.
  2. To support applications for Irish exemptions, State Exam Accommodations (RACE) and access to higher level (DARE).
  3. Provides a school with a student specific profile of learning strengths and needs so that SEN support in school can be appropriately designed for students needs
  4. Educational assessments play a very important role in identifying Specific Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia, as well General Learning Difficulties, Intellectual Disability and Giftedness.
  5. Onward referral to specialist services for concerns about speech disorders, motor skills disorders, Autism, ADHD etc. are also an important part of the assessment process 
  6. Improving understanding of concentration, attention and motivation difficulties. 

Fees: Assessment fees range from 650-850 Euro, Brief Report fees range from 150-450 Euro. Bespoke assessment packages can be put together on request. Do get in touch via email to outline your concerns and if necessary to arrange a brief chat.

Coaching and intervention packages are available after assessment at a discounted rate, and could include study skills, confidence building, developing resilience, responding to anxiety and positive parenting.

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