Helpful tips for parents concerned about their child’s progress in school

Podcast for Cork Children’s Clinic 2021 6/12/21 The Happy Baby podcast I was delighted to collaborate with Cork Children’s Clinic for their inaugural podcast series- The Happy baby and child, see @thehappybabypodcast, @corkchildrensclinic The focus of the podcast was to give parents some tips to make the most effective use of time with professionalsContinue reading Helpful tips for parents concerned about their child’s progress in school

Anxiety and Return to school and Routine

                          October 2021 One month into the new school year and families and children have slipped back into routine with gratitude and some nerves. Many children and young people will have experienced Covid specific losses to their family unit in the last 18 months such as bereavement or unemployment.  Most young people have missed play,Continue reading “Anxiety and Return to school and Routine”

Positive Parenting for a Pandemic Spring

Moving the family conversation from a negative to positive mindset through Gratitude. The intentional practice of gratitude has been proven to improve wellbeing and increase happiness. As parents it is important that we model good self-care practice. It is all too easy to orientate our thoughts and conversation to the negative but the consequence ofContinue reading “Positive Parenting for a Pandemic Spring”

Parenting through the exam process

Skills for successful study: Parenting through the exam process The exam classes of 2020 have had a rocky start to their exam year with Covid restrictions. In this blog, which accompanies the workshop Inspire 2020 “Parenting through the exam process” I outline some simple skills and strategies for successful study. Getting ready to Learn ImportanceContinue reading “Parenting through the exam process”

The New Normal- Transition back to school during Covid 19

One of the very few positives about experiencing a global pandemic is that there is a global response to crisis. Teachers and Mental Health advocates have worked tirelessly to prepare students and schools for the transition back to school. To provide practical support to parents and teachers I have curated a selection of the manyContinue reading “The New Normal- Transition back to school during Covid 19”

Creating a Communication friendly house

August 10th 2020 It is generally accepted that language is vitally important to all aspects of child development. Language enables children to process their thoughts, reflect on experiences and communicate their wishes. However not all children have access to language, or they may have language delays. In our home we are learning to live withContinue reading “Creating a Communication friendly house”

Top Tips for improving Reading Skills at Home

         “Children must learn to read so that later they can read to learn” Reading with young children is very important for development of language skills and early literacy skills. To read fluently children need basic reading skills and comprehension skills. Reading is not an innate skill, we are not born with the ability toContinue reading “Top Tips for improving Reading Skills at Home”

Sleep and children: Supporting sufficient, good quality Sleep

July 16, 2020 “Sleep is the best meditation.” — Dalai Lama Why is sleep so important? Sufficient sleep is vital for health and emotional well-being.  Poor sleep over a sustained period of time has been linked to high blood pressure, obesity and depression. Children and young people who have regular access to good quality sleepContinue reading “Sleep and children: Supporting sufficient, good quality Sleep”