Fees: Package prices offer the best value and are payable in advance. Pay as you go prices range from range in price from 80-95 Euro per session. Fees may be eligible for health insurance cover, please check with your insurance provider. Sessions are approximately 45-50 minutes and are scheduled to suit client need. Coaching is available face to face in West Cork or remotely using Zoom.

Complimentary consultation (20 mins). All Coaching Sessions include an initial phone/zoom consultation to discuss if my approach is right for you.

Positive Parenting-In my practice I offer neuroaffirmative approaches as well as solution focused and cognitive behavioural approaches to support you to parent the child you have. Positive psychology interventions are an effective way of improving -Clear Communication, Positive Connections, Consistent Boundaries. My approach is grounded in a strength orientated perspective which draws on the best of evidence based practice and is affirming of neurodiversity. Specialist coaching includes ADHD Parent Coaching, Executive Function Coaching and Emotion Coaching

Parenting and Additional Needs- I have a particular interest in supporting parents of children with additional needs. The journey after diagnosis or during the assessment process, can be lonely, confusing and overwhelming. It is ok to ask for help. I will work with you to identify, clarify and attain your parenting goals. I will support you as you plan for key points of transition such as early intervention to primary, primary to post primary etc. Specific topics could include; A )Pre planning prior to school IEP meetings , B) Creating a post diagnosis action plan, C) Preparing to support a young person through a key transition

Coaching for adults: Coaching Psychology is an effective and evidence based approach to personal development and wellbeing. Some of the areas that I work on with clients include; Work/life balance, Stress management, Improving resilience, Living a life aligned with your values and identity, Improving confidence and building positive relationships. These 1:1 sessions focus on identifying your goals and supporting you as you work towards a thriving and flourishing life.

Care for Carers: Carers and those in caring roles often experience burnout, they become mentally and physically depleted. In this state of emotional exhaustion it can be hard to find joy and happiness in everyday life. I work with carers to give them a space to be heard and to clarify their thinking. I support carers to find a place for self-compassion and self-care in their lives

Positive Parenting Packages

Cultivation Connections: In this three-session course you will learn how to create a culture of compassion and calm in your home which will strenghten family connections. You will identify your family values, celebrate your family strengths and respond calmly to challenges. This package includes three 1-1 sessions, a personalised action plan and email support.

Parenting and Puberty : This is a package for parents of children with additional needs. If you are concerned about ‘the talk’ and how to navigate puberty with your teen, I will work with you in exploring the values and attitudes around sex education in your home. You will learn knowledge, skills and resources needed to manage this parenting task . It includes three 1-1 coaching sessions, reading material and email support-

ABC’s of Parenting and Additional Needs- Advocacy and Authenticity, Boundaries and Balance, Communication and Compassion: This package has a particular focus on parenting a child with additional needs. This package will cover advocating for your child and parenting authentically in a way that aligns with your family values; Balancing your time and commitments and knowing your boundaries; Communicating clearly and consistently and responding with compassion and calm to behaviours that challenge. It includes six 1-1 sessions, personalised action plan, reading prompts and email and text support.

Coaching and Intervention packages for young people

Coaching for U18 yrs. Be the best version of yourself: I work with young people (12 years plus) to improve individual wellbeing, strength and resilience. Every child has something of value to contribute and optimizing individual wellbeing empowers them to be their best and approach life with courage, confidence and compassion. Coaching can help young people grow self-belief, celebrate their strenghts and develop personal accoutability and self-regulation. Topics will include goal setting, creating a coping skills toolbox, challenge limiting beliefs and develop emotional literacy.

Education Essentials Package: These 6-session package focuses on; Strengths profile, Organisational and Study Skills, Effective note taking, Information processing, Time management, Self care and includes workpack and action plan –

Executive Function Skills: This 8 session package will teach students to be flexible and well regulated problem solvers. It is suited for children who have difficulty with organising and sequencing, thinking flexibly and following multi-step instructions.


It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men” (F.Douglas)

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