Supporting Parents and Schools to enable young people with additional needs to maximize their potential

Psycho-Educational Assessment, Coaching, Consulting and Parenting support

Strength based approaches that promote connection over confrontation, Positive Parenting, Supporting Neurodiverse families, Promoting Well-being and Mental Fitness, Coaching for Health & Well-being, Executive Function and Study skills, Puberty and Disability,

Assessments are done face to face and other sessions can be scheduled via Zoom.

Educational Assessments

An educational assessment can identify strengths and weaknesses across a learning profile when a parent or teacher is concerned that a child is struggling with certain academic areas. Assessments include Cognitive Assessments and Comprehensive Psycho-Educational Assessment. Please click below to learn more.

Consultations and Coaching

I work primarily within a framework of Positive Coaching Psychology. Sessions are grounded in the science of wellbeing. Individual sessions can focus on Stress management, Positive Parenting, ADHD parent coaching, Emotional Well-being & Mental Fitness, Study Skills & Learning support. I work with both adults and young people (10 yrs plus). For more information please click below.


Training available for Teachers/SNAs – Full day/Half Day or Croke park hours and for Parents and Parent Associations. To get a better understanding of the types of training and topics covered please click below.

Let’s Get Started.

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