For Teachers, SNAs and School Communities

Cultivating Connections: Using solution focused conversations in school settings-promoting student engagement and learning through mentoring by ‘one good adult’

Strength based approaches in the classroom; Focus on what is strong, not what is wrong. This workshop uses key elements from Positive Psychology and Positive Education. Positive Psychology moves away from the traditional deficit orientated approaches (what is wrong with you) towards the positive and the potential, the focus is on what is right with individuals.

You can’t pour from an empty cup’, Positive psychology for Staff WellbeingThis seminar draws on the science of wellbeing to promote staff wellbeing, flourishing and motivation. Using core principles from Positive psychology, this workshop will examine evidence based strategies to reduce staff stress, strength resilience, increase engagement and build psychological capital .

For Parents and Parent Associations 

  • What does the report say- An understanding of standardized testing and professional reports- The focus in on understanding some of the technical language used in reports and using the information from the report in the most effective way.
  • Positive Parenting: Strategies to enhance Communication, Connection and Compassion– Building on key principles from Positive Psychology , the focus is on developing clarity of communication, deepening connection and building choice and compassion into everyday life.
  • Parenting the Additional Needs Teen through puberty – This workshop is about responding to developmental changes in the adolescents with additional needs particularly those with intellectual disability or those who struggle to understand the nuance in social interaction

*Bespoke training in the form of Webinars, Workshops and Masterclasses available on request, Please do get in touch to discuss the particular requirements for your school/organization. Popular topics include; Positive Parenting, Emotion Coaching, Responding to Anxiety and Stress, Transition from primary to post-primary and Self-Care Strategies.

Facilitated group coaching available for parent support groups, family support networks etc.

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