TRAINING (Workshops, Seminars, Talks)

For Teachers/SNAs – Full day/Half Day or Croke park hours

  • Positive Behaviour Approaches and the Continuum of Support 
  • Classroom Management and De-escalation Skills
  • Responding to Challenging Behaviour 
  • Code of Behaviour Reviews
  • Social Skills for Success (post primary)
  • RSE and SEN- Adolescent development and additional learning needs
  • Understanding ADHD
  • Understanding testing and using professional reports

For Parents and Parent Associations 

  • What does the report say- An understanding of standardized testing and professional reports- This seminar can be designed for either parents or teachers. The focus in on understanding some of the technical language used in reports and using the information from the report in the most effective way.
  • Parenting the Additional Needs Teen through puberty – This workshop is about responding to developmental changes in the adolescents with additional needs particularly those with intellectual disability or those who struggle to understand the nuance in social interaction
  • Safe choices for the Additional Needs Teen– This workshop can be designed to deliver to parents or to young people directly and is focused on interacting safely with peers, managing developmental changes and asking for help
  • 6th to 1st – Supporting transition from 6th class to 1st year at Post primary –This seminar is aimed at parents whose children are in 6th class. It can be tailored to focus specifically on the needs of students with additional needs
  • Study Skills and Supporting the learner at home– Practical tips to improve organizational skills and enhance study techniques
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour and Additional Needs at home-This seminar can be tailored for various age groups as needed

*Bespoke training for students/staff/parents are available on request, Please do get in touch to discuss the particular requirements for your school/organization.

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