Welcome to Mulberry Education and Psychology Services. My name is Clara O’Byrne, I am a Chartered Psychologist and EMCC accredited Coach. My expertise is in coaching psychology with a particular focus on Education and Disability. I work with young people from 10 years plus and adults. Find out more about me here.

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Services include:

Psycho-Educational Assessments

Coaching Psychology to support you with stress management and work/life balance

Positive Mental Health Interventions to develop your Mental Fitness

Positive Parenting approaches especially for families with additional needs

Disability advocacy and working effectively with schools

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I felt it was a safe space to express my own thoughts on my career/life. With three children and active household I was giving myself a very small portion of my own time…with Clara I evaluated my work/life balance”

“I really enjoyed the process of working with Clara. I enjoyed how she allowed me be myself but provided a clear structure to the process so I wouldn’t get entangled in my thoughts and feelings”

From my first contact with Clara I immediately felt that she was a great fit for our sons assessment. She came across as caring, professional and accommodating. This was certainly true and more. Her initial appointment with me was informative, open and thorough. As a parent she immediately connected with our son and was able to work with him at his level without compromising the integrity of the assessment.

Dr Clara gave us hope for the first time about our child’s future, we had a better understanding of his potential and his needs and we had a plan in place to support him”

About Clara

Chartered Psychologist with expertise in Education, Disability, Positive parenting & Coaching. 

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Assessments are conducted Face to Face and interventions and consultations are available face to face and remotely

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